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Meet Stephanie


Stephanie lives in Detroit with her husband, Sean and two young daughters.


She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies, as well as a Master of Public Policy/Master of Social Work dual degree, all from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.


Stephanie is running for a second term in the Michigan State Senate in the newly drawn Senate District 3. She currently serves Detroit and Downriver in the current Senate District 1 and is the Senate Democratic Floor Leader, previously serving two terms in the Michigan State House. Stephanie is a daughter of immigrants who came to this country looking for opportunity and the mother of two young daughters whose future she fights for every day.

Prior to running for office, Stephanie was a community organizer in Detroit for nearly a decade working on issues like affirmative action, criminal justice reform, voting rights, and immigrants’ rights. She also co-founded an Asian American civic engagement organization. She continues to fight hard for a quality education system, a fairer justice system, an economy that works for all of us, solutions to the flooding in our neighborhoods, safe and affordable housing, clean air, safe and affordable water, better roads and bridges, and gun violence prevention.

"Getting Things Done" has always been her slogan, starting back in 2014 during her campaign for the State House. She has built a strong track record as one of the hardest working legislators in Lansing, passing many bipartisan bills while also being a strong, unwavering voice for equity, opportunity, access, and justice.

Over the past seven years, Team Chang has served over 3,800 residents with direct constituent services. Through our neighborhood service center, we run programs like a fellowship program for high school girls and a community baby shower for low-income pregnant women. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephanie’s team checked in with thousands of residents to see how we could help, distributed 37,000 masks, and uplifted pandemic-related equity issues in housing, health care, water shut-offs and more.


Legislative Record

During her time in the Michigan legislature, Stephanie has passed numerous bipartisan bills to improve the way we respond to mental health emergency calls, protect domestic violence survivors, help address local substance abuse issues, give young offenders a better chance at success, and give business improvement zones clarity in the law and more flexibility. She has also passed legislation to create a permanent Family Advisory Board in the Department of Corrections, help victims of female genital mutilation, and institute a water shutoff moratorium earlier during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has secured funding for a community crisis response fund, a rail grade separation project, school air filtration systems, know your rights outreach regarding hate crimes and discrimination, Detroit Public Television’s virtual learning initiative, the Deescalation Training Center at Wayne State University, and a mentorship program for young women.

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