Getting Things Done.

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  • Charles Moret
    commented 2018-12-03 10:52:51 -0500
    It appears that Senate Bills 1238 through 1242 are threatening Michiganders’ voting rights after Proposal 3 was overwhelming passed by 67% of the vote. Please vote no as any voting changes not consistent with Proposal 3 should be defeated. It is time that legislators respect the electorate.
  • Jordan Randoloh
    commented 2018-11-06 23:10:31 -0500
    Hello this is Jordan Randolph we met at Kemeny center during the summer protest.I woukd like for you to know that it is vastly doffrent and improved from then and is now open .I wrote this commemt however to tell you have the the link to that video i edited it a little to make it a little better here is that now if yoy want to get the full version i give it to you but i felt this part was better part of it so here and also congrats on the win.
  • Jeffrey Mine
    commented 2018-08-20 23:29:32 -0400
    Ms. Chang,
    I don’t live in Mich. But I had to write you. I am a Republican but I don’t vote a sraight ticket. I vote for who I believe will be the best for the job through research. When your opp. used racial slur, that upsets me for I am not a racist. I would vote for you if I lived in Mich. I can say that you will win. The only thing I can say is that both parties need to work together to get things done. I hope taht you can bring that to the table and an example how policitians can work together. Good luck.
  • K Macpherson
    commented 2018-08-19 18:32:59 -0400
    Ms. Chang

    I saw you interviewed this morning regarding the incident with Representative Scott. I was so impressed with the way you, and the community, have chosen to address this – with dialogue and hopefully education around the way unexamined racism exists in America. It gave me hope for moving through this difficult and persistent issue. Best!
  • Scott Ford
    commented 2018-06-12 20:38:15 -0400
    Representative Chang,
    thank you for coming into my home and speaking with me on Hamann Street in Riverview this Monday… I enjoyed the things we spoke about … I thought you would be interested to know that Riverview now has a newspaper that they are advertising all over the city… it seems to be in every store … It is called the Riverview register and I thought you would be interested in this newsletter…. they are MAILING it to every Riverview resident it seems since I get it on a weekly basis….. and just so you know, I have nothing to do with this Riverview registry in any way, it is just something they have started to send us in our mail and they are in every store almost in this area…
    Good luck to you… I will be voting for you in August